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      Emergency Notification Systems from BlackBerry

      Crisis Communications and Alerts

      Communication and Collaboration in Times of Crisis

      An effective emergency notification system can literally be a lifesaver and operations interruption mitigation tool. It can enable your response teams and leaders to become more rapidly aware of an incident, gain visibility into the status of employees and assets, and collaborate securely, accurately and efficiently with internal resources and third-party services.

      Protect the People that Matter

      If disaster strikes, do you have an emergency notification system in place to respond to incidents, send alerts and critically account for your people before, during and after the event?

      Maintain Operational Continuity

      What critical communication tools would you need if a devastating event occurred in a facility that was essential to your continuing operations?


      Need help getting started? BlackBerry can help with Consulting Services and Managed Services.

      Learn about BlackBerry AtHoc Professional Services

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      New: Plan, Respond, and Collaborate

      Having a plan in place before an event impacts your organization can improve response times and minimize impact to personnel and operations. With AtHoc Situation Response, you can plan for, manage and remediate incidents by defining a plan in advance, and using it during an event for a fast response. Collaborate securely in real-time to keep stakeholders informed, whether at their desks or in the field.

      Learn about AtHoc Situation Response
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      Unify Communications

      In emergency events such as a natural disaster, industrial accident or facility intrusion, delivering essential messages with real-time speed can save lives. AtHoc Alert is a comprehensive end-to-end emergency notification system. It unifies all communication modalities to alert everyone with a single click.

      Learn about AtHoc Alert
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      Collect Information from the Field

      In times of crisis, knowledge of events happening in real-time (situational awareness) is essential to streamline recovery efforts. On-scene personnel are best equipped to report on situational status and work progress, to be the “eyes and ears” of your operations center. AtHoc Collect enables field situation reporting, including rich geo-tagged media.

      Learn about AtHoc Collect
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      Account for Your People in Real-time

      With a dispersed workforce, both in the office and remote, times of disaster can create challenges to accounting for the safety of your employees and meeting any federal mandates for compliance. With AtHoc Account, you have a FedRAMP-authorized solution with an aggregated view of user status by alert responses, system operators, call center employees and designated Accountability Officers.

      Learn about AtHoc Account
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      Collaborate with Other Organizations

      Emergencies never happen in isolation. Sharing real-time information with external organizations, agencies, and the public can empower the connected community to assess situations and provide a coordinated response. Protect lives and property when every second counts with AtHoc Connect.

      Learn about AtHoc Connect
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      Protect People and Infrastructure

      BlackBerry? AtHoc networked crisis communication unifies critical communications within, between and beyond your organization. By connecting people, devices and external entities, it helps to protect life and property.

      • Send mass emergency notifications
      • Account for 100% of your people
      • Make critical safety decisions
      • Collaborate with other organizations
      Learn about BlackBerry AtHoc