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      BlackBerry Radar

      Asset Tracking Engineered for Intelligence

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      Purpose-built Devices

      BlackBerry Radar? is a complete asset tracking solution providing reliable visibility to trailer, chassis, containers and equipment.?These ruggedized devices are easy-to-install, low maintenance and long-lasting to minimize operational disruptions and maximize your ROI.?

      Introducing BlackBerry Radar H2

      The Next Generation Monitoring Solution for Non-powered Transportation & Logistics Assets

      BlackBerry Radar H2?is a scalable and flexible asset monitoring solution. It provides up to 5 sensor readings from one device, including accurate location and mileage, container on/off or door open/close, and the ability to communicate to additional wireless sensors for enhanced visibility to the status of your assets.

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      BlackBerry Radar H2 device

      Dashboards & Reporting:

      Powerful Analytics, Actionable Insights, Easy-to-Use Portal

      The BlackBerry Radar online portal includes custom dashboards, reports and tools that empower teams to manage assets based on the rich information provided from the solution.?

      • Measure and understand how your assets are being used
      • Increase your asset utilization
      • Grow your operations without buying or leasing new assets
      • Increase personnel productivity and driver satisfaction
      • Increase financial forecasting accuracy
      • Improve maintenance scheduling
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      Solutions for Tough Industries

      Trailer Tracking

      Increase trailer utilization, decrease trailer ratios, save driver and dispatcher time, and improve maintenance.

      Chassis and Flatbed Tracking

      Improve chassis utilization, save drivers time, identify unauthorized use and improve maintenance.??

      Intermodal Container Tracking

      Improve container utilization, reduce wasted time and maximize cube space.?

      Equipment Tracking

      Improve equipment utilization and reduce the impact of theft and unauthorized use.

      Railcar Tracking and Monitoring

      Improve Operations with Reliable Visibility into railcar Status.

      I’m saving 35-40 minutes a day on average for my drivers because of Radar. Anything I can do to shorten a person’s workday and go from 65-70-hour work week to 55-60-hour work week, I’m all about doing that. Because to me, whoever has the drivers is the one who is going to win this game.

      Curt Reitz,

      President, CTS

      The [BlackBerry Radar] system helped us save roughly 1.2 million in the first year on the maintenance side. Thanks to that tracking, we don’t need as many units on the road and the utilization rate is much, much higher than it was before without the tracking device on it.

      John Iwaniura,

      President & Cwo, Caravan Logistics

      We decided to add BlackBerry Radar to our portfolio because we believe the near-real-time information it provides will empower our customers to make better business decisions and improve the overall performance of their transportation operations.

      John Trenberth,

      Cheif Executive Officer, Pana-Pacific

      Titanium’s trailer utilization has improved by more than half a ratio with BlackBerry Radar. We were around a 1:4.5, we are now around a 1:4. Our rate of return is over a 100 grand a month on 300 trailers. So that is over a million dollars a year, and BlackBerry Radar has not cost me anywhere near that.

      Ted Daniel,

      Chief Executive Officer, Titanium


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      Join Keith Crenshaw of Matson Logistics and Christopher Plaat of BlackBerry Radar as they discuss how intermodal asset tracking is creating smarter, more utilized equipment.


      Do More with Less: Improve Asset Utilization.

      Case Study

      Cargo Theft is an Ongoing Problem. This Trucking Company Found a Solution.


      Learn about wired, solar and self-contained power sources for tracking non-powered assets.?

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      We get it, your company has specific requirements. Reach out to us today to learn more about how BlackBerry Radar can help improve your operations or request a custom quote.
      1-844-239-4572 |?radar@blackberry.com

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