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      BlackBerry Enterprise Identity

      Single Sign-on to Cloud Services

      BlackBerry? Enterprise Identity delivers access control designed to provide the security of traditional user authentication.

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      Advance Your Mobile Strategy with Simple, Secure Identity Management

      Legacy single sign-on systems were typically built in the desktop era, so they have shortcomings when it comes to mobility. ?BlackBerry Enterprise Identity performs equally well on mobile devices and traditional computing platforms. It unifies and simplifies access to cloud services like Microsoft??Office 365?, Salesforce?, Google Apps?, BlackBerry??Workspaces, or most other SAML-based apps and services.

      BlackBerry Enterprise Identity delivers a superior single sign-on user experience. Employees can use one password for all cloud services, across all mobile devices (iOS, Android? and BlackBerry?) and traditional computing platforms (Windows? and macOS). This eliminates the frustration of multiple passwords and logins, and users will only confront stronger methods when they’re a necessary security measure.

      With BlackBerry Enterprise Identity’s Mobile Zero Sign-On feature, unlocking a managed device can automatically unlock cloud services, making things easy for users.

      BlackBerry Enterprise Identity is designed to meet your organization’s stringent security needs in any given situation – while still offering simplicity and ease of use.

      • Your most sensitive data stays on premises, not in the cloud
      • All your connections to cloud services are consolidated into a single connection to the directory
      • You can easily deny access to certain users who aren’t authorized to use specific cloud services.
      • Integration with BlackBerry??2FA allows you to secure critical cloud services with simple, high-security authentication where required to adapt to potential risk.

      Combined with other software and services from BlackBerry, BlackBerry Enterprise Identity can also help you to comply with regulations, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).?

      Based on your specific security scenario, BlackBerry Enterprise Identity allows you to choose the authentication method for any given service, user group, or combination of the two:

      • Password
      • Mobile Zero Sign-On (Mobile ZSO)
      • Two-factor authentication with?BlackBerry 2FA

      Using stronger methods only where they’re needed makes them easier to deploy and more acceptable to your employees.

      BlackBerry Enterprise Identity is fully integrated with?BlackBerry??UEM,?giving you access to powerful features.

      • Send apps for cloud services to user devices and enable single sign-on with one click
      • Instantly revoke access to cloud services
      • Provide simple, high-security two-factor authentication to cloud services from any device with BlackBerry 2FA
      Improve Employee Satisfaction and Productivity Safeguard Sensitive Data Customize Authentication Methods Leverage Your Existing EMM

      Save Time and Money on Deployment and Management

      BlackBerry Enterprise Identity integrates with your existing BlackBerry UEM, delivering powerful Identity Access Management via a single console that can be up and running in minutes. It’s a fully self-contained solution, so no new software is required, which minimizes upfront costs.


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      Quick Services Integration

      Cloud services are integrated via industry-standard SAML, meaning quick integration for thousands of services without locking into a proprietary interface. BlackBerry Enterprise Identity’s infrastructure is located in the cloud, freeing IT from having to manage, secure and scale the backend infrastructure. BlackBerry Enterprise Identity also supports deployments using Microsoft Azure AD.

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      Easy Provisioning

      Provisioning BlackBerry Enterprise Identity to any trusted user is quick and easy, even if they don’t have a mobile device or their device is managed by a third-party MDM. By federating user identities across cloud services, BlackBerry Enterprise Identity allows users to employ a single password they already use across all cloud services, eliminating the need for net new password resets by the help desk.

      Find the Perfect Package for You

      Choose the BlackBerry Secure UEM & Productivity Suite?that Meets Your Needs.

      Compare Suites
      Freedom Suite

      Improve agility with collaboration applications, app customization, and enterprise-grade security.?

      Limitless Suite

      Equip organizations with additional security for file protection, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the most features of any suite.