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      Life Sciences Industry

      Pharmaceutical and Medical Laboratory Services:? Secure Digital Solutions Across the Continuum of Care

      Securely Improve Efficiencies in Complex Regulated Environments

      Life Sciences companies are changing how they do research, run clinical trials, manage regulatory approval processes, run clinics, transport specimens, run laboratories, and carry out sales and marketing. Protecting sensitive data while maximizing productivity is essential.?

      Maximize Mobile Workers

      Secure mobile workflows make it possible for employees to carry less paperwork and fewer devices to give effective sales presentations and access videos and company information securely.

      • Employees can securely access email and calendar and edit documents from tablets and smartphones
      • Sales teams can improve presentation effectiveness
      • Medical Laboratory Services can give delivery and mobile clinical staff secure access to enterprise applications
      Learn about BlackBerry Work

      Maintain Security in Mobile Apps

      IT departments can develop secure custom mobile apps that work seamlessly with BlackBerry and third-party certified apps, and maintain security whether the device is corporate-liable or employee-owned, managed by IT or unmanaged—all without invading employee privacy.

      Secure Your Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

      Reduce paperwork and empower your employees to use their mobile device of choice. BlackBerry? UEM is designed to protect an expanding set of applications, devices and endpoints across your organization from a single console.? Connect your employees to the information they need, on the devices they want (including BYOD), while protecting client data.?


      Enable Secure File Sharing

      BlackBerry? Workspaces is the best choice for secure file sharing and file transfer, providing employees with access to documents when and where they need them, and on any device, without fear of data leakage.

      • Control access to any file, even outside your firewall
      • Enable collaboration from any device between internal and external contacts
      • Revoke access to any file or by any user, even after the file has been downloaded
      • Protect against Ransomware
      • Ensure your mobile staff always have the latest sales and marketing material with full version control

      Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats

      BlackBerry offers solutions to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats with consulting services and tools tailored to your needs. Services include mobility diagnostics, penetration testing, forensic services and IT security training.


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